Can I rotate my annotations or pages?

Rotate is limited to Text Boxes, Arrows, Lines, and pre-made Stamps.

Rectangles, Ellipses, Images, Custom Stamps, and Free Draw annotations can not be rotated.

While we hope to add more rotate functionality in the future, there's a few different options for creating and rotating icons within the app. It's also possible to build custom shapes, graphics, or templates externally, and save them as a custom stamp.

TIP: If you use the Inspector to give a Text Box a background - it can be just like a rotated rectangle!

Rotating Pages

It is not currently possible to rotate pages, or change page orientation from landscape / portrait, as doing so would adversely affect the ability to transfer notes. We recommend setting up your pages prior to the import into Scriptation.

As a workaround for page orientation, take a screencap of your page, and rotate the image using Apple's native Photos app. Then re-insert your rotated page as a custom image page.

What's Next

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