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Does Scriptation work offline without a Wifi or Data connection?

On set without Wifi or Data? Scriptation has got you covered when working offline.

Scriptation is built for production life, so we understand that sometimes you may be traveling or on location around the globe.

While Scriptation is fully functional without WiFi or a data connection, there's two different scenarios for offline work, depending on your file storage.

Local Files

If files are stored "On my iPad / iPhone**, they are completely local to your device. You have nothing to worry about when working without internet!

Cloud Files

Everytime you open a script from one of the Cloud providers, the file is saved to your device, and as you make annotations, the notes are saved locally.

You always know when a file is saved locally because the cloud icon turns into a preview image of your PDF.

TIP: If working across multiple devices, make sure the latest version of your file has been opened on your device while you still have internet access.

Anytime your device is offline, you'll see the "No internet connection" message displayed within the Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive folders.

NOTE: iCloud does not display this message.

Once your device is back online, Scriptation will automatically upload the most recent version of any edited files to the cloud. You can even see the percentage meter displaying the sync process!

IMPORTANT: We strongly advise users to not use iCloud while traveling. The sync protocols are controlled by Apple and are less reliable when working in and out of internet connectivity. We recommend Dropbox instead.

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Updated on: 25/04/2021

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