Looking to create Color Presets? It's easy with the Style Palette.

While marking up documents, you might want to use a colour coding system to manage your notes, or maybe you just like a certain aesthetic.

While using Annotation tools such as text marking, typing, free draw, or shape, tap the colored circle on the Toolbar to open the Style Palette.

From there you can customize colors, fonts, opacity, and line weight. There are different options presented depending on the tool being used.

Each annotation tool has a variety of Color Presets that are unique to that tool. For example, here is the Style Palette for the Rectangle Tool.

To edit a preset, tap one the specific Color Presets you'd like to edit. Any changes made to color and opacity while a preset slot is selected will be saved in that preset slot for later use.

TIP: Need more preset slots? Try using Saved Annotations to create a library of your most common annotations.

By tapping Color or Fill Color you are then taken to the Color Menu. This window contains groups of pre-specified color choices.

If you swipe right though, you can tap on the Color Wheel to select any color you wish!

NOTE: Color Presets are specific to the device they are created on.

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