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How do I migrate personal files into my Team Studio account?

My production just got Team Studio. How can I move my personal files over?

If you were using Scriptation Team, Industry Pro, or had a Free account, you'll find that after activating Team Studio, your previous files no longer appear in the File Browser.

This is because the file storage for Team Studio is completely separate from the standard file storage. It's this separation which is part of the extra security measures and encryption of Studio Mode.

Here are 3 ways to access your old files.

Log out of Team Studio as needed, switching back and forth between your encrypted storage and personal storage.

From your personal account, Export your PDF files one at a time, selecting Save to Files: On My iPad. Then while logged into Team Studio, open Apple's native Files app and navigate to the "On My iPad" storage area. One by one, open each PDF, and Import into Scriptation.

To migrate all of your files at once, have your Team Studio Administrator contact Scriptation Support (use the Send Us An Email button below) to temporarily enable cloud accounts such as Dropbox or Google Drive with your groups' license key.

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Updated on: 25/05/2021

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