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I experienced a crash. What can I do?

If the app crashed, we want to know!

We take pride in Scriptation being a stable and thoroughly tested app, but every so often a crash happens.

If possible, try to repeat the issue and take a screen capture video showing the actions that led to the crash. Then upload that video to our Secure Upload Portal, letting us know any pertinent information such as version, operating system, device, and where your files are stored. Everything will be kept confidential.

If you aren't able to repeat the crash, click the email button in the footer of this page to send us a quick note about it. The more details the better!

WARNING: Do not delete Scriptation in an effort to resolve the issue. Deleting Scriptation on iPad and iPhone will delete ALL locally stored files within the On My iPad and iPhone directory.

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Updated on: 09/06/2021

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