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I accidentally deleted my script. Help!

I accidentally deleted a file or folder with all of my notes. Now what?

While Scriptation takes automatic saving and cloud sync very seriously, if a file/folder is manually deleted, outcomes will vary depending on device and storage location.

iPad & iPhone

If the file or folder was stored on...

Dropbox: Login to and check "Deleted Files". After selecting a file or folder, tap Restore.

One Drive: Login to and check "Recycle Bin". After selecting a file or folder, tap Restore.

Local Device Storage (a.k.a "On My iPad" / "On My iPhone"): Tap the File Browser, then Settings, then the Trash icon.

Then tap the ... next to your file or folder, and tap Put Back. The file or folder will be restored to its original location.

Google Drive: If the file or folder was stored on Google Drive it unfortunately can no longer be retrieved.

iCloud: If the file or folder was stored on iCloud once it is deleted in Scriptation, it unfortunately can no longer be retrieved from within the app, or on a single file basis. The only potential way to restore the file is through restoring your entire device with an iCloud back-up.

To check the date and time of your last full device back-up, go to the Apple Settings menu. Click your Name/Photo, tap iCloud, then Manage Storage, and finally, Back-ups. After selecting your device, you can see if your most recent device back-up was before you deleted the files.

NOTE: The only exception regarding iCloud is in the case of a file being deleted on another device while a local copy was still present. If you tapped Delete on the following message, the file can be found in the Trash Bin as per above.

NOTE: Restoring a device from an iCloud back-up may have a variety of downsides, including data loss on files which were created or edited after the back-up time, or data loss with applications that are not included in the iCloud back-up.


Deleted files and folders can be retrieved from the Trash Can icon on the Mac Desktop.

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Updated on: 28/03/2022

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