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Why don't I have Live Layers?

Why don't I have Live Layers?

Live Layers is a powerful new feature which allows users to instantly share Layers within a Scriptation Team or Team Studio group license package.

Live Layers is unfortunately not available on Industry Pro subscriptions.

Why? The technology powering Live Layers and enabling the instant sync between devices requires that all team members are activated within the same license key.

When a team is formed with Scriptation Team or Team Studio, all users login with the same license code (and not through individual Apple IDs). It's this totally closed ecosystem that allows the feature to work.

Scriptation Team and Team Studio is now available in packages of as few as 10 activations! Just five colleagues, with two devices each - you already have enough collaborators to make a group! Head over to to learn more.

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Updated on: 09/12/2021

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