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How do I use Sticky Notes?

How to insert Stickies into your script, customize the style, and add/delete notes.

With Scriptation's Sticky Notes feature, it's easy to insert collapsible notes within your script.

To create a Sticky Note, select the Sticky Note icon on the Annotation Toolbar. Then tap anywhere on your script.

After you type, copy/paste, or use Apple's Siri or Scribble to enter your notes, tap Done.

To display style preferences like colors and shapes, tap the Paintbrush icon in the lower right hand corner.

Delete a Sticky Note

To delete a note, tap the Sticky, and then tap the Trashcan icon in the lower left hand corner.

Move a Sticky Note

Sticky Notes can also be dragged and positioned anywhere on their page. Tap and drag your sticky to move it to the correct place.

Move or Copy a Sticky Note to Another Layer

To move or copy a note, tap the Sticky, and then tap the Layers icon in the upper left hand corner.

Then use the toggle at the top of the pop up to chose between Move and Copy. Then tap the layer you wish to move or copy to, and thats it!

TIP: Have a lot of sticky notes to keep track of? You can search the text of all of your notes using Outline.

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Updated on: 06/10/2022

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