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Why are my Highlights different across devices?

Why are my Actor Highlights different colors on different devices?

If your Actor Highlights are appearing in different colors across different devices, here's what you need to know...

Custom Color Presets were added in Scriptation version 4.1.3. If any of your devices are running an earlier version of Scriptation, please update here.

Custom Color Presets are specific to all files on a single device. If your file is opened on a second device, custom colors will need to be re-recorded via the color presets onto that second device, like this.

TIP: As a workaround to syncing Color Presets across devices, copy/paste the HEX code from the right tab of each color preset window into a Text Box on a script page. Then share that file to your other devices.

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Updated on: 10/02/2022

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