Looking to rearrange or delete script pages? Here's what you need to know.

Any pages that were Inserted or Added manually can be moved or deleted from within the Page Maker. These include Facing Pages, Sides, or pages that were Copied/Pasted.

On the other hand, Native pages (official script pages, in their imported order) aren't really designed to be removed or deleted. While the authors certainly don't want us deleting their words, even more importantly, deleting pages would adversly affect the algorithm that powers Note Transfer.

However, here are three circumstances that you might want to delete pages.

I received a packet of Revised Pages and not the fully collated script.

Learn more about our new Collate Pages feature, which will integrate your new pages, transfer the annotations, and automatically delete the old pages. You do not have to manually delete pages when you use the Collate feature.

My inserted pages can no longer be deleted

Very rarely inserted pages can get mismarked when you're editing them. If this happens, you can use Master Edit Mode mode to mark inserted pages as native script pages and vice versa. This super secret mode allows administrative level settings for modifying pages.

You created duplicate native script pages

Creating duplicate script pages outside of Scriptation is not recommended as it will adversely affect note transferring. If you want to treat these pages as inserted pages, you can use Master Edit Mode mode to mark them as such.

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