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How do I change the opacity of background layers?

Do you want to customize exactly how visible your background layers are?

NOTE: Show/Hide Layers and Background Opacity are Industry Pro features.
Layers is one of Scriptation's most popular features, and allows users to work in three dimensions, easily toggling between notes separated by meetings, department, and more.

When discussing background layers, it's important to understand the 3 Layer states.
Active - Layers where you can create and edit annotations. They are denoted with bolded text and the pencil icon, and always displayed at 100%.
Visible Background - Layers where you can view annotations. They are denoted with a switch that is toggled on, and displayed at the opacity you set.
Hidden Background - Layers that are hidden. They are denoted with a switch that is toggled off.

You can learn how to toggle layers on and off here.

Starting in Version 4.2, you can completely customize your workspace by setting the opacity for all the active background layers.

Start by tapping Layers on the Top Toolbar.

Tap the ... at the top right of the Layers Menu, and tap Settings.

Then, simply tap and hold, then drag the circular slider to the percentage you wish to see. The default is 50%, but you can drag the slider from 25% to 100% to fully customize your view.

Now, all the layers you have toggled on will display at your chosen transparency.

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Updated on: 26/08/2022

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