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How do I create a Tagging Report for one or more categories? - Layers!

How do I make a separate report for each category’s tags?

Layers! Combining Scriptation’s advanced Layers feature with Tagging allows you to customize which tags appear in your reports.

NOTE: Tagging is an Industry Pro feature.

Here's how to set up your script to create custom category reports…

First, customize and add any additional categories needed.

Then, add a new layer for each category you wish to separate for reports.

TIP: For maximum flexibility, create a new layer for each category you wish to use in the document. This is not only useful for report creation, but you can also fully customize which tags are seen in Scriptaton by showing or hiding exactly what categories you want to see.

TIP: If you already have tagged annotations in your document, you can quickly move those annotations to a different layer with just a few taps.

When you are ready to generate a report, create a copy of the tagged script.

In this copy, delete all category layers you do not want to be included in the reports.

Now, any reports created in the new copy of the document will include only the categories corresponding to the remaining layers.

This will allow you to fully customize which categories you see in your reports.

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Updated on: 30/05/2024

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