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How do I move or copy annotations between layers?

Seamlessly work with your annotations across layers, with the new Assignment Toolbar.

Starting in Version 4.2, moving and Copying annotations between layers is an easy and time saving way to keep your notes organized, and can be particularly helpful in preparing to share a layer with Layer Export (or Live Layers with Scriptation Team or Team Studio?)

Start by tapping any Annotation you'd like to Move or Copy to a different layer.

NOTE: To Move or Copy a Sticky Note tap on the sticky note to open it and then click on the Layers icon in the upper left corner.
Then from the pop-up bar, tap Layers, and the Assignment Toolbar will appear.

Next, by default, the top toggle will be set to Move. If you wish to Copy instead, just slide the toggle over to Copy.

Then, simply tap the name of the layer you wish to Move or Copy the annotation to, and you are done!

If you selected Move, the layer will not be in the exact same position on the selected layer.
If you selected Copy, you will have two identical annotations on each of the layers.

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Updated on: 17/08/2022

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