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How do I get Lining to work on Sides? Lock mode.

Lining not working on your Sides?

Were the sides created within Scriptation, using the Sides Tool? If so, scroll down for instructions to Lock them. Then, Lining will work!

If the sides were created outside of Scriptation, be sure to check that they are not a Flattened PDF.

Enabling Lock Mode

To better understand Sides, it's first helpful to know how Scriptation interprets pages. There are 2 kinds of pages:

Native: Official script pages, in their imported order.
Inserted / Added: User created pages, such as Sides, Facing Pages, and Copy/Paste pages.

After using the Sides Tool, by default, the PDF is recognized as entirely Inserted/Added Pages. This is designed to allow maximum flexibility with your note taking, and re-ordering of pages into shooting order.

However, Lining only reads the text of Native pages only. Using Lock mode, it's easy to enable this feature for Sides.

From within your sides file, tap the Page Maker.

Tap Edit.

Then tap + drag each page to move them into the desired order.

After your pages are in the correct order, tap Lock. Locking sides ensures that Scriptation recognizes your entire sides file as "native" script pages.

When you're all done, tap Save.

NOTE: Once Lining has been created on Locked Sides, we do not recommend Unlocking those pages.

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Updated on: 03/02/2022

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