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How do I reorder layers in the layers menu?

Want to reorder your layers to match your workflow? Just drag and drop…

Layers is one of Scriptation's most popular features, and allows users to work in three dimensions, easily toggling between notes separated by meetings, department, and more.

Starting with Version 4.2, once created, Layers can easily be reordered to best help your organization within your own script, or make collaboration easier when sharing through Layer Export or Live Layers (a Scriptation Team feature).

Start by tapping Layers on the Top Toolbar.

Tap the ... at the top right of the Layers Menu, and tap Reorder.

Then, simply tap and hold, then drag the three lines to the right of the layer you wish to move. Release your tap when it is in the right place.

You can reorder as many layers as you want, then tap Done to get back to the regular Layers Menu.

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Updated on: 26/08/2022

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