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Outline: Viewing and Searching your Annotations

A fully searchable list of all your Annotations? Welcome to Outline.

With your script marked up, and all of your notes taken, it really helps to be able to see all of your annotations in one place. It's even more efficient to be able to search those notes using keywords and phrases.

Start by tapping the Outline icon (the open book) on the Top Menu.

In the dropdown menu, the left tab shows the Bookmarks Outline, and the right tab shows the Annotations Outline.

From the Annotations Outline, you can scroll through to see all of your annotations, as well as:
Search: By swiping down within the outline and typing in the Search Bar that appears.
Delete: By swiping right on any annotation and tapping Delete.
Clear All: DELETES ALL of your Annotations. (Use at your discretion.)
Edit: Displays tools to reorder the annotations.

If you tap Edit, you are also able to:
Reorder: Press and hold the three line icon to drag and drop into a specific order. This is often helpful if you have annotations that overlay on top of each other.
Delete: By tapping the red circle, and tapping Delete.

When you are finished with your edits, tap DONE.

NOTE: Outline Summary details annotations on the active layer only, and defaults to chronological order of when the annotation was created.

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Updated on: 28/09/2022

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