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How do I import music into my script?

Looking to import music into your script? There are three ways to do it.

Whether it be sheet music, live audio clips, or links to recorded music files, your script is ready to receive them all.

1. Sheet Music

With your script file open, also open the PDF of your music score.

Use the Page Maker to Copy & Paste Pages of music directly into your script.

You can then use the Move Pages function to tap + drag your musical score into the right location alongside your script.

TIP: Looking to insert only a few bars of sheet music? Start by taking a screencap of the full sheet music PDF. Then use the Image tool to insert the screencap, and crop the music as desired.

2. Live Audio Clips

Using Audio Clips is a great way to add quick reference recordings of sounds or music into your script.

By tapping on any area of your script with the Audio tool, you can take a live audio recording.

TIP: While you can't import audio or video files directly into the document, there is a "hack" to get the audio inside the script file. Open the Audio tool, tap record, and play the music from outside the app, or another device.

Using the Hyperlink tool, it's easy to link to any website, cloud audio file, or even YouTube video.

To get started creating a link, select the script text that you'd like to link to. Then on the pop up bar that appears, tap the Link icon.

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Updated on: 28/05/2021

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