I'm having issues with Text Boxes on Scriptation for Mac

When working with Text Boxes and Sticky Notes, there are a few challenges that users sometimes face on Mac.

Creating the Text Box: After selecting the Text Box icon and clicking onto your document, a text field should be created. If this is not happening with your device, it's likely that the mouse / trackpad is being held just a fraction of a second too long.

To create the Text Box, try to deselect the Text Box icon, select it again, and quickly single-click / release on your script.

Editing: To edit a word mid-sentence, you are able to use the mouse to click into the text field. However, the arrow keys can sometimes be problematic while navigating within the text.

To edit the text, try holding OPTION and then navigating with the left and right arrows only.

Why these issues? With both of the above, there's a bug in macOS Catalina that limits how Scriptation can use the text field. However - this issue has been resolved with the release of macOS Big Sur!

To get the most out of Scriptation, we highly recommend updating to Big Sur.

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