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My cloud sync isn't working across devices. Help!

My iPad / iPhone and Mac are not syncing. What can I do?

If you've already read the setup instructions for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud, and your devices still aren't syncing, here’s some steps to troubleshoot.

I have files on my iPad/iPhone, that aren't on my Mac

Are the files listed in the On my iPad / iPhone directory? To have a file sync to your other devices, via iCloud, or any other provider, you must Copy those files into a branded folder cloud. Then from your Mac, they would be accessed like this.

TIP: Any files under the "On My iPad" directory are 100% local to that device.

I have files on my Mac, that aren't on my iPad / iPhone

With Scriptation for Mac, files and folders are not stored within the app itself, but either on your harddrive or in the cloud service that the files are being opened from. For example, if the file was opened from a local directory such as Desktop or Downloads, that's where the file remains.

To access files from your other devices, the files must be moved/dragged into a cloud folder. Click Select File, then click + drag your files into a cloud folder.

NOTE: iCloud will automatically have a folder in Finder, with a dedicated Scriptation sub-folder. For Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive, you will need to download their apps.

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Updated on: 22/07/2021

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