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My script is jumping pages. What can I do?

My script accidentally jumps to different pages. What can I do?

The most common cause for unwanted page jumps is from accidental taps (with fingers or palms) on the bottom thumbnail bar.

To temporarily hide the Top Toolbar and Bottom Bar, a single tap on the script page will make them disappear. A second single tap will make them appear again.

f you find that you want to change the style of the bottom bar to a smaller interface, or disable it entirely, follow the instructions here.

Still experiencing random page jumps? Here's some troubleshooting tips.

Update Scriptation, and restart your device.

Verify that your Apple Pencil settings are optimized for Scriptation.

If the issue is isolated to Scriptation, and there are no hardware issues with your iPad/iPhone screen, please send along a quick video which demonstrates the issue using the Send us an email button below.

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Updated on: 21/04/2021

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