Bookmarks makes it easy to reference pages later.

Being able to bookmark specific pages within a script really helps to navigate through a document quickly.

Whether it be the top of a scene, or a certain page you keep coming back to, creating a Bookmark is a great way to make sure you can easily find that spot again.

Bookmarks are found on the right side of the Top Menu.

To get started with Bookmarks, navigate to the specific page you'd like to add a Bookmark for.

NOTE: The Top Menu automatically disappears when you swipe through your script. Tapping anywhere on the screen reveals the menu again. For more info on this: How to hide/find the Top Menu

When you've reached the specific page, tap the Bookmark icon once. The icon darkens once the bookmark is made. Now you can add as many bookmarks as you'd like!

Managing Bookmarks

With all of your bookmarks made, Outline allows you to scan through all of your bookmarked pages, as well as add, edit, delete, and rename them.

Start by tapping the Outline icon (the open book) on the Top Menu.
In the dropdown menu, the left tab shows all Bookmarks, and the right tab shows all Annotations.

From this dropdown menu, you can:
Add: The + icon adds a new bookmark to the current page. (This is how to add more than 1 bookmark per page.)
Delete: By swiping right, then tapping Delete.
Edit: Shows tools for reordering and renaming.

If you tap Edit, you are also able to:
Reorder: Press and hold the three line icon allows drag and drop into a specific order.
Rename: Tap the bookmark's name to type a new name. (The default is "Bookmark". Bookmarks must have a name.)
Delete: By tapping the red circle, and tapping DELETE.

When you are finished with your edits, tap DONE.

COMING SOON: The ability for Bookmarks to transfer from draft to draft when Transferring Notes.

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