How can I easily share my file with Scriptation Support?

There's a few different ways to send a file to the Support team for troubleshooting.

Please understand that we take file security and data privacy very seriously. All files are deleted upon resolution of the issue.

Email attachment

The easiest method is using the "Send us an email" button in the footer of this window, and simply share your file through an email attachment.

Secure Upload Portal

For large files or troubleshooting videos, Scriptation's Secure Upload Portal can offer easy upload for multiple files.

Cloud Link

If your file is too large for an email, but is stored within a cloud provider, you can also create a shareable link.


From the Files App, Press + Hold on your file, and tap Share.

TIP: Mac users: Right click on the File, and click Share. Then click Share Link.

Tap Share File In iCloud.

Tap Copy Link.

Tap Copy Link, and paste the link into an email.


On, or from within the Dropbox app , select the ... next to your file, and select Copy Link. That link can be pasted into an email.

Google Drive

On, or from within the Google Drive app , select the ... next to your file, turn Link Sharing On, and select Copy Link.


On, or from within the OneDrive app , select the ... next to your file, select Share, and follow the prompts to Copy Link.

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