Learn how to see your full script page without any toolbars in the way

After opening a script and starting to take notes, script header information, such as page number or scene number may sometimes be covered by the Top Toolbar, or Annotation Toolbar.

To make for a more efficient workspace, the toolbars can easily reveal or disappear.

To hide the Top Toolbar:

For Apple Pencil users, you can tap your finger anywhere on the page (that's not an annotation) to hide the Top Toolbar and Bottom Page Scrubber. When you do that, the Annotation Bar will remain shown, if it was previously selected.

If an Apple Pencil is not connected, deselect any active Annotation tools, and then tap any empty area of the page.

To have these toolbars revealed again, tap your finger on any empty area on the page again.

To hide the Annotation Bar:

Tap the X icon on the Annotation Toolbar.

To bring back the Annotation bar, tap the Annotate icon.

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