Understanding the difference between Preserve and Delete.

While performing a Note Transfer, users sometimes receive the following message.

This message appears when a New Draft has Inserted Pages (such as added pages, facing pages, or copied/pasted pages), and you are performing a Note Transfer from an Old Draft that also has Inserted Pages.

By tapping PRESERVE, the Inserted Pages in the New Draft are kept, and the Inserted Pages from the Old Draft are ADDED into the New Draft alongside them.

By tapping DELETE, the Inserted Pages in the New Draft are removed, and REPLACED with those from the Old Draft.

NOTE: Currently, Layers need to be transferred one at a time, and users transferring multiple layers into the same New Draft are likely to encounter this message. As a result, begin by transferring layers that do not contain content on Inserted Pages. Then, transfer the layer that contains your Inserted Page content last. Multi-Layer transfer is coming soon!
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