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I have tags that are overlapping… Help!

Want to assign multiple tags to a part of the script? Here’s how to keep your categories clear and all tags editable.

If you want to tag a word or phrase with multiple categories, the best method is to use layers. Otherwise, the tags will overlap.

Tagging allows you to assign multiple categories to the same text in your script. However, a few additional set-up steps are required to ensure you can still access and view all your tags by category.

NOTE: Tagging is an Industry Pro feature.

Here's how to set up your script to tag across multiple categories…

First, customize and add any additional categories needed.

Then, add a new layer for each category you wish to separate.

TIP: For maximum flexibility, create a new layer for each category you wish to use in the document.

Ensure you have the correct layer selected as active (indicated by the pencil next to the layer name) and begin tagging in that corresponding category.

TIP: If you already have tagged annotations in your document, you can quickly move those annotations to a different layer with just a few taps.

Repeat for each layer and the corresponding category.

You can now fully customize tag visibility in Scriptation by showing or hiding the category layers. If you need to edit a tag, simply go to that category's layer, tap to make it active, and then tap on the tag to edit.

TIP: You can also change the opacity of any background layers that are toggled on and not active.

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Updated on: 30/05/2024

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