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How do I transfer notes from sides into a master script?

I have notes on Sides. How do I transfer my annotations back into a master script?

After taking notes on individual sides, many users like to compile all of their notes in a single master script.

Scriptation's note transfer algorithm isn't really designed for this workflow, especially if the pages have been rearranged so that they are no longer in script order. The following details the best way to attempt this process, but please note... results may vary.

From within your Sides file, tap the Page Maker.

Tap Edit.

Tap Unlock. Then tap + drag each page to move the entire document into sequential order.

TIP: Don't see Unlock or Lock? Carefully use Master Edit Mode instead to assign your pages as "Added/Inserted". Then rearrange into proper pagination, assign back as "Native", and pick-up at Step 5.

Tap Lock. Locking sides ensures that Scriptation recognizes your Sides as "native" script pages so that Transfer will work.

From within your Master Script, initiate a Note Transfer. When prompted to select your Previous draft, select your Sides file. Tap the blue box.

NOTE: If you receive a "No Native Pages Detected" notification, use Lock Mode or Master Edit Mode as detailed above to assign your script pages as "Native."

After the transfer you can find your Sides notes within the Layers menu.

TIP: If you'd like to view all of your Layers at once, tap the ... icon, and tap Show All.

Repeat this process for all of your Sides PDFs. When complete, you may want to Merge Layers to condense the layers from each of your different files into one.

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Updated on: 19/07/2021

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