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What happens if I take a break from my subscription?

What happens to my files if I want to take a break from Scriptation?

If you are an Industry Pro user, we understand there are times you might want to take a break from your monthly subscription by unsubscribing in the App Store.

NOTE: It is not possible to "pause" a one-year subscription.
Here's a rundown of what happens with your app during a break in subscription service.

Access to Files

All local files (listed under the heading On My iPad or On My iPhone) would remain on the device, and can continue to be accessed from within Scriptation during a break in subscription service.

All cloud files would remain in their cloud folders, and can not be accessed from within Scriptation during a break.

TIP: Consider copying cloud folders to your local directory before your subscription date ends. But keep in mind - without Pro - files will not sync back to the cloud provider.

On iPad or iPhone, cloud files could also be accessed directly from the cloud providers' apps. Files could be downloaded to your device, and imported into Scriptation as a local file.

On Mac, since the cloud providers are accessed through the File Finder system, you wouldn't notice any difference in access during a break.

IMPORTANT: If during a break, Scriptation files are opened in other PDF apps (i.e. Apple Preview), results may vary. Layers, Facing Pages, and Annotations are not universal, and there could be compatibility issues viewing the files. Additionally, if changes were saved into PDF files from other apps, there is likely to be further compatibility issues when the file is imported back into Scriptation again.

Pro Features

Be aware that during a break, the entire app would revert to the standard feature set, and all Industry Pro Features would become locked.

For example: Your personal Saved Annotations would not be accessible, Layers would revert to single layer view, and Transfer would no longer allow for Collate Pages, or ScriptationCompare.

Coming Back to Scriptation

Whenever you are ready to come back, it's easy to reactivate your subscription.

In setting up Cloud Storage again, your devices would immediately sync with whatever the most current version of the cloud folders are. If files changed during the subscription break period, the device would sync to the most current state of the entire folder.

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Updated on: 06/01/2021

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