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Are there any Scriptation best practices?

To optimize your Scriptation experience, and ensure the safest storage for your data, here's a few things to keep in mind.

TIP: This list has been compiled by Scriptation users as well as staff. Have something to add? Send us an email using the button below.

Sync with Dropbox: We strongly recommend using Dropbox over every other cloud provider. Reason being... Dropbox offers version controlled saving, creating a unique restorable version at every save instance.

NOTE: Files stored "On my iPad / iPhone" are 100% local to that device. As such, there is no accessible backup in iCloud Drive, and the files are not synced to other devices.

Manage your Tabs: At the end of each work day, close your tabs while you are connected to the internet. Closing tabs triggers a cloud sync, ensuring that your most recent notes have been backed up. Additionally, be sure to only have tabs open for files that are being actively worked on. This allows more memory to be allocated where it's needed.

Keep Scriptation files in Scriptation: Once annotated in Scriptation, avoid opening files with other PDF programs, including Apple Preview. If you were to accidently save the file, your annotations (particularly Layer data) may be at risk.

Enable Automatic Updates: It's always best to be running the most current version of Scriptation, since we regularly make improvements to the app. To turn on automatic updates, click here.

Regularly exit background applications: By closing out of applications running in the background, more memory is available for Scriptation as its being actively used.

Optimize Layers Daily: Performing a Layer Optimization is a quick process to minimize document file size, which saves space on your device and keeps Scriptation running quickly.

Regularly exit the app: By exiting out of Scriptation and restarting the app, you will flush the memory, clearing any temporary issues being faced by the app.

Power off / power on your device: By occasionally restarting your device, you may resolve temporary issues being faced by the operating system.

Keep operating system up to date: Scriptation is designed to work on the latest versions of iOS and macOS. By keeping your overall device up to date, you can ensure that you have the optimal Scriptation experience. To update, go to the Apple Settings icon.

Manage your device storage and memory: Consider investing in a newer device with faster chips and higher performance memory. Keep in mind... if your device has a 128gb hard drive and 127gb is already used, you are going to experience issues running any app.

TIP: For our recommended list of hardware and accessories, click here.

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Updated on: 20/04/2021

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