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How do I avoid conflicted copies with my team?

How do I avoid conflicted copies while collaborating with my team?

If multiple users are actively working in the same file within a shared folder, a "conflicted" version of the file will soon appear. This is because if two users have the file open at the same time, and both make changes simultaneously, when the files upload back to the cloud, the two copies will not match.

Scriptation (along with all other PDF annotaters) isn't able to offer real-time collaboration on PDFs files, in the same way that Google Docs is able to do with word documents.

The good news is that there are some options to work together and share notes by using Layers.

With Layers, each user would always keep their own separate copy of the PDF file.

Then when it comes time to share notes, an individual user would Export a Layer to their collaborator. The recipient would then Import the Layer to their own script, or even combine the files into one master document, and Merge Layers if desired.

For Scriptation Team users, there is an even better way! The new Live Layers feature allows users to instantly share notes within a team. With options for customized share groups, password protection, notifications, and revision notes, Live Layers is the best way to keep your team in sync.

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Updated on: 06/01/2021

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