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How do I replace scenes?

I just got a packet of revised scenes. How do I insert and transfer my notes?

Full Scripts

Transferring Notes from full script to full script is always the best approach. If it's possible to obtain a fully collated revised script, follow the instructions for Note Transfer.

Locked Pages

For users who can not receive full drafts, but instead have revised page packets with locked pages, can utilize Collate Pages to insert your new pages and simultaneously transfer your notes.

NOTE: Collate Pages is an Industry Pro feature.

Locked Scenes

Ocassionally, productions distribute packets of new scenes. Receiving isolated scenes can be problematic if they are not distributed as locked pages of a complete script.

We recommend talking with your production folks about this, as anyone on your production using Scriptation is going to run into trouble transferring notes.

Below is a rather advanced workaround to replace scenes if it's not possible to obtain a full script, or locked pages. Please Note: Results may vary.

On your Full Script (that contains all of your notes) creates Sides with the scene(s) that are being replaced.

After the Sides file has been created, enable Lock mode to lock the pages of this new PDF.

Open the PDF with the New Scene(s) in a new tab.

Perform a Note Transfer from New Scene PDF, selecting your Sides file to transfer notes from.

After the transfer is done and your notes are on the New Scene PDF, you can copy and paste these pages back into your Full Script.

Use Master Edit Mode to assign the pages that were copied/pasted as Native Pages, and the out-of-date pages as Added Pages.

Once the out-of-date pages are marked as Added, they can be Deleted from the Page Maker.

Two notes:
Pay attention to Deleted Annotations that may have been part of script material in the Master Script, but was not included in the revised scenes.

In doing this workaround, you may end up with many Layers, so Merging Layers may be helpful.

TIP for Final Draft 12 users: If you receive revised scenes, try to convert the New Scene PDF into a new Final Draft script that matches your pagination. Then export as a PDF from Final Draft, import the file into Scriptation, and perform a Collate Pages transfer.

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Updated on: 07/10/2022

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